Kaj Seifert was a lucky child. His parents had the ability and the willingness to support his interests in music, sports and flying, and he became a professional pilot and professional musician as an adult. But, not all children are so lucky. Some families are not financially able to buy the equipment that might spark a lifelong interest. Others might not be able to support the child’s budding interest because it is not their passion. Others may not have the time or energy.

The Kaj Seifert Foundation for Aspiring Young Artists is a new entity designed to help young artists, aged 10-17, get a start in one of the performing arts, like buying a first guitar for a budding musician, attending an arts camp for a promising artist, taking vocal lessons for a young singer, purchasing a first pair of tap shoes for a dancer, or buying software for a videographer in the making. Helping these children explore a new interest requires a bit of financial support as well as finding a mentor who can further that interest.

Kaj Seifert Foundation For Aspiring Young Artists

2124 Gallatin Greenway Blvd #4
Bozeman, MT 59718
(406) 600-0302