Introduction & FAQ

What is the foundation?

Our foundation was established to encourage youth ages 10-17 to either get their first experience in one of the arts – dance, music, video or audio production, performing arts or visual arts – or to take the next step for artists who want to continue to improve.   Named in honor of Kaj Seifert, a Bozeman musician, this foundation understands that it can be difficult to experience arts without a little help.  Maybe an applicant needs equipment, maybe it is lessons or a summer camp—many things are possible with a little support from the Kaj Seifert Foundation for Aspiring Young Artists.

What do you need to know before applying?

1          You must be at least 10 years old, but no older than 17 to qualify

2          You must be either exploring an art in which you have not had much experience OR you are seeking to improve your skills in an art you already love.

3          You must submit an application video AND agree to an interview six months later to tell the Foundation about your artistic experience

4          You must have a mentor who will help you for the entire first six months–this can be a teacher, of course, or just someone older who will agree to oversee your learning. Because they will have to sign your application, you must ask them for their help before applying.  This may or may not be a parent or legal guardian.

6          You must live in Montana, Idaho or Wyoming

7          You will not receive any funds directly.

How to apply: You must submit a video application which includes the following 

1          Introduce yourself – name, address, town and zip code, phone number.

2          Tell us what art you want to experience and why. 

3          Tell us what you need to get started or to improve 

4          Tell us who your mentor is and why you chose this person as a mentor.  Remember:  you must ask them if they are willing to be your mentor for a period of six months and they need to sign your application…we will be contacting them periodically to see how you are doing).

How do you get the equipment, instruction, software or experience you need:

The Kaj Seifert Foundation for Aspiring Young Artists will not be sending you money directly, but will pay the supplier, the teacher, the online seller, the camp, etc.  You will need to tell us what you want to buy and where to buy it; who is giving the lessons and their address, the url for online purchases; the address of the camp; etc.  If you have questions, call 406.600.0302 and ask for Chris…she will be happy to help you figure this out.

Video application:

Your video application does not have to be a professional video…you can use a smart phone or tablet.  We are not judging on the quality of the video but rather on the information in that video.  Just make sure we can see your face as you tell us what you need!  The Foundation will not make any of your application videos available outside the Foundation.

What you want to experience and why:  Tell us what you want to try and what you need to get started


  • You want to buy your first musical instrument because you want to learn to play the bass.
  • You know someone who dances in your town and is willing to help you get started
  • You think you might be interested in learning how to act because you have performed in your class, at church or in 4HYou want to post more professional videosYou have always liked to paint, but have never had the right materials before
    • You want to try to draw your own graphic novel

What you need:

For beginners…

If you are trying something new that requires equipment, you should tell us which of the arts you are going to try and what equipment you need to get started


  • You want to start ballet and need ballet shoes 
  • You want to learn guitar and need to buy a guitar
  • You want to learn to animate and need software
  • You want to paint and need supplies
  • You want to learn to make videos and want a camera

If you are trying something new and need instruction, you should tell us what type of instruction you need


  • You want to learn to dance, and you have someone who can teach you
  • You want to play piano or sing, but need an instructor
  • You want to take an art class to learn to draw

If you are trying something new and there is a summer program where you can learn


  • You want to attend an intensive event that has one of the arts as a focus (drawing camp, band camp, performing arts camp, video production class, etc.)

For those who want to improve:

If you need to purchase better equipment


  • You have rented or used the school’s flute, but now you know want your own
  • The video camera you have been using isn’t capable of doing what you want to do
  • The software you have been using for audio recording needs to be upgraded

If you need more instruction


  • Your neighbor has taught you guitar, but now you want to hire a guitar teacher
  • It is time to add individual singing lessons to the chorus work you have already done
  • You need to purchase software or online programs to improve your skills in editing

If you want to attend an intensive event to help you take the next step


  • You have been accepted to Interlocken to participate in a summer program
  • You have the opportunity to have lessons at your local college or university
  • You have the opportunity to try out for advanced instruction or performance 


For beginners: You will need an adult who can help you learn your new art.  It might be a teacher who gives lessons.  It could be one of your relatives who plays an instrument and wants to help you learn.  It could even be an adult family friend who is willing to help you keep on track.  The mentor does not have to be the person who helps you learn…he or she can just be an adult who wants to help you in the process of learning.

For those who want to take a step up:  You probably will need a mentor in your art, someone who knows how to help you get better…an instructor, performer, producer, etc., who has knowledge of how to help you take the skills you already have and improve your performance.

If you do not have a mentor, call Chris @ 406.600.0302 and she will try to find someone in your community who might be interested in becoming your mentor.


How many grants does the Foundation provide?

That varies by year, depending on our funding, and is designed to be used in Montana, Wyoming and Idaho.  It also depends on the requests we get in any one funding cycle.

How much will the Foundation fund for one student?

There is no set amount because the needs will vary…from art supplies to six months of instruction to instruments to software to camps.  The Foundation however, strives to bring opportunities to the widest number of students possible.

Is there a limit on how much funding you can receive?

Again, that depends on available funding, but it depends on the quality of the instrument, instruction, or event.  The Foundation will not fund the caliber of instrument that a professional would require (for example, a $30,000 cello), but will fund something that would be appropriate for a beginner or student.  The Foundation also will not fund more than six months of instruction, nor tuition to an institution like a performing arts high school.  

Can someone apply for more than one grant?

At this time, we are limiting applications to students who have not received prior funding from the Foundation.

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