Board of Directors

Maren Haynes-Marchesini

Maren met Kaj Seifert as a three year-old in daycare in Bozeman, Montana. Like Kaj, Maren had an early love of music, and soon became a singer, cellist, and piano player. After graduating from Bozeman High School, Maren pursued a Bachelor of Arts in Music (Cello Performance) at Whitworth University, and later earned a Master’s and Doctorate in Ethnomusicology at the University of Washington, Seattle, while also studying choral conducting, playing in bands, and working as a music director in churches. She moved to Berkeley, California, where she worked in music and arts at Pacific School of Religion before settling in Helena, Montana, in 2016. Maren directs choirs at Carroll College and in the Helena community, works as Director of Music, Arts, and Worship at St. Paul’s United Methodist Church, and plays with an acoustic folk duo, Hemispheres. She is married to Michael, and they have two wonderful sons, Asa and Kaj Noah. 

Lewis Dobie

Lewis met Kaj playing baseball in Bozeman, MT. They quickly bonded over their love of baseball. Lewis graduated from Bozeman High School in 2005 and went on to play baseball collegiately from 2005-2008. He returned to Bozeman to graduate from Montana State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting. Lewis is also an avid bowler, and has been the President of the Gallatin Valley USBC Association since 2012. He married his wife Brittany in 2010 where Kaj served as a groomsman. They have one son, Owen.

Derek Bernier

Derek and Kaj were “bandos” together in the Bozeman School system…but were actually closer to brothers. Derek graduated from the University of Montana with a degree in Music Education, used his degree to teach in Meridian, Idaho, for a few years and is still a skilled marching band designer. He changed directions recently and is using his computer skills to help people navigate social service programs. He is the proud father to Bridger and Cerie.

Kaj Seifert Foundation For Aspiring Young Artists

306 Dogwood Dr.
Bozeman, MT 59718
(406) 600-0302

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